Watch a Guy Crash a BMW Z4 On The Day He Bought It

Today, we learned that if a car looks like a Viper - long nose, driver over the rear wheels - a car probably wants to kill you.
Watch a Guy Crash a BMW Z4 On The Day He Bought It 3 photos
Photo: YouTube screenshot
Watch a Guy Crash a BMW Z4 On The Day He Bought ItWatch a Guy Crash a BMW Z4 On The Day He Bought It
BMW drivers don't like to use their blinkers, but it seems traction control is also something they don't like. Even though it's wet outside, it's impossible to have a crash like this with TC on.

Details are scarce at this moment, but we do know that the young man is from Massachusetts and he had just bought the car day. Says so in the title!

While we don't know what other rear-wheel-drive sports cars he had experience with, we see a bright bright future for him as a Ford Mustang driver. He's already got the car meet crash nailed!

What's interesting is that the Z4 already has a cracked windshield. Did they have another crash before this or is this Bimmer just cursed or something?

It would have been nice to have an outside view of the crash, but we've seen enough Vipers, Canaros, and Mustangs scrabbling for control to know what's going on.

Sure, you might b able to afford a cool car from a decade ago, but before getting your own Z4, it's best to learn about the limits of your skill and even expend them with some track courses.

After tank-slapping on the wet road, the black roadster mounts the curb and "eats" a brick fence. The crash sound is discreet, but a sports car half-stuck in some man's yard isn't.

"What do we do, bro?" the friend says. Well, for starters, you don't film your first ride in a BMW Z4 on Snapchat, and you don't wear your cap back-to-front. That's just asking the universe for trouble and is a sure-fire way to ensure you're mess ends up on YouTube for millions to enjoy.

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