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Watch a Ferrari F40 Being Parked on a Billboard in GTA V Because Why Not

Grand Theft Auto V is a gaming phenomenon, there’s no doubt about it, as millions of gamers still play it these days, no less than seven years after it was announced.
Grotti Turismo Classic in GTA 5 1 photo
But all these players who can’t give up on playing GTA V love it for a good reason, as there’s always something unexpected that you can go through in this game.

Because as everyone who launched Grand Theft Auto V knows, life in Los Santos isn’t easy, and flying cars should by no means be something that takes you by surprise.

This Grotti Turismo Classic, for example, is the main star of an unbelievable stunt that ends up with the car being parked on a billboard because… why not? After all, given the super-crowded cities we live in nowadays, parking the cars on billboards might actually be a pretty good idea.

While the Grotti Turismo Classic might sound uncanny for car aficionados (in real life, that is), it’s because this car is actually the Grand Theft Auto V version of the iconic Ferrari F40. Sort of, actually, as the Turismo Classic is a mix of several Ferrari models that so many people in the game appear to love.

Available for a little over $700,000, the Grotti Turismo Classic uses the front fascia and the side profile of the Ferrari F40. The back, on the other hand, is a mix of Ferrari F40 and Testarossa, so it goes without saying that hardcore Ferrari fans playing Grand Theft Auto Online would do anything that’s possible to buy this car in the Legendary Motorsport.

For what it’s worth, to get this car in Grand Theft Auto Online, you need to install the Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit that was released by Rockstar back in March 2017. If your game is already up-to-date, then the car should be there waiting for you, granted you have the money to get it.


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