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Watch a 700-Horsepower Chevrolet-Powered Toyota Corolla Do a Massive Burnout

The Toyota Corolla is one of the best sold vehicles ever to hit the market. And it's usually considered to be more of a family car rather than a tyre shredding, ear-drum shattering abomination of a race car.
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Sure, over the years, the Corolla name has been no stranger to racing, be it rallying, GT racing or drifting, just to name a few of the sports where the model has made its way to. In fact, the AE86 version, which was well known and coveted back in the 80s, is quite deeply rooted in professional drifting.

The original Drift King, Keiichi Tsuchiya, from Japan, started drifting in one, and still uses one to this day. Then the whole Initial D craze helped propel the name even further, and kids all around the world wanted to get their hands on a Panda Trueno version of it.

So it comes as no surprise that Phil Morisson of Driftworks in the United Kingdom got his hands on one too. Phil owns quite a few interesting cars to say the least: a V10-powered BMW M3 E46, an RWD-converted Lamborghini Murcielago and a RWB Porsche to name just a few.

Even though a stock Corolla AE86 is nowhere near as expensive or exciting as any of those, what he did to the car over the years surely changed that perspective.

It all started with a Chevrolet LS1 engine - extracted from a car competing in the former European ASCAR Racing Series - several years ago. The project kept evolving to a state where it now has a 7.4-liter LSX engine under the hood, and north of 700 horsepower ready to annihilate any set of 18-inch tires mounted on the rear.

This car has had its fair share of drifting and events going over the years, but it seems that it has sat in its trailer for over a year now, and what better way to bring it back to life than by giving it a proper send around their garage near Birmingham? Headphone users beware!

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