Watch a 2-Year-Old Race Against a 4-Year-Old. Yes, You Read That Right

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Photo: YouTube screenshot
Remember that time when you were two years old and you raced bikes? No? Of course you don't, because most kids that age can barely run without falling over. Most kids.
Not Timur Kuleshov. Tima, for his friends. OK, so when he runs he falls over just like any other two-year-old. But not when he's on his mini bike. Already stepping into his racing rider dad's shoes, little Tima is the youngest rider in the Ukraine.

This is where Makar Zheleznyak comes into the story. Just like Tima, four-year-old Makar is a regular kid. Until he climbs into his kart and starts running circles around you. He's the youngest participant in the Ukrainian Karting Championship. So you wouldn't be wrong if you called him a professional racing driver. Makar dreams to make it all the way into Formula 1.

Parents push their kids and pressure them to do all sorts of things outside their school curriculum. Tima and Makar's parents, at least, picked something that the kids seem to enjoy genuinely. They also thought it would be a good idea to bring the (very) young racers together on the track.

What resulted is the cutest race you'll ever see. The video is edited to look like some sort of head-to-head competition between the two, but of course they're not pushing too hard, for safety reasons. That doesn't make it any less cute.

They both look very professional with their racing suits and helmets on. And both seem really focused when they're on the track. But when the "race" is over, Tima can barely get his little leg over the bike to get off, and his head sort of wobbles under the weight of the helmet... it's absolutely adorable!

Judging by the photos we found on his website, Tima Kuleshov also rides dirt bikes and ATVs. And to think most of us here at autoevolution were barely able to put two sentences together when we were his age.

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