Watch 81-Year-Old Lewis Hamilton Grunt More Than Clint Eastwood

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What are we talking about, he's even grunting more than Tom Hardy in Mad Max: Fury Road - it's a grunt fest. But it's also a surprisingly good performance on the part of the three-times Formula One Wold Champion.
It's hard to imagine how a guy like Lewis Hamilton will be like fifty years from now. He's a weird fella: he can definitely be funny and relaxed, but also very competitive - so we'd imagine him as a grumpy old man that can also crack a good joke now and then. Which is probably how we'd all like to end up at that age.

This clip made by insurance company (and MERCEDES-AMG PETRONAS official partner) Allianz portrays a different old Lewis Hamilton. Surrounded by children, Grandpa Lewis seemingly attempts to relive his past glories, which by the kids' reaction, was not the first time he did that. "Did I ever tell you about the time your grandpa became World Champion in 2008?" Eyes begin to roll, the "ignore" button is pressed, and the kids get on with what they were doing.

"How about 2014?" insists the very well-dressed 81-year-old Lewis, but there's still no reaction. Well, at least not a positive one. "2015???" he asks somewhat irritated. Finally, the only other male presence in the room, a boy who had been running around with a Formula One car in his hand a helmet on his head, wants to know how he did it. We're not sure if it was pity, if he was the one to draw the short straw or if it was just his turn this time, but Grandpa Lewis doesn't care. He's just happy somebody's willing to listen.

"Your grandpa was a very cautious driver," he begins. "He never took any risks. Never! And I always did what everyone was expecting of me," he concludes, and by this time he has the full undivided attention of all the kids in the room. Which is when one of the little girls expresses her concerns over the veracity of his story: "I don't think so, Grand-dad. That's stupid."

"[Grunt] Now that's my girl," says Lewis, instantly conveying the message that being a cautious driver and not taking risks is stupid to a bunch of little kids. Well, if you think about it, the commercial is quite cynical.

The tagline says "Dare to. We're with you," which coming from an insurance company is like a plastic surgeon telling a girl to stick her face into a tank full of sharks, because he's right there. So yeah, kids, follow your Grandpa Lewis' advice: don't be cautious drivers and take as many risks as possible while at the wheel.

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