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Washing the LaFerrari and Ferrari 458 Speciale Is Sexy

There’s nothing new about putting “car washing” and “sexy” into the same sentence, but usually when this happens, we get the same story about more or less dressed girls trying to look like they’re making a car clean. Well, today we’re here to bring you a different take on the matter, one that involves cars and only cars.
Washing the LaFerrari and Ferrari 458 Speciale 5 photos
LaFerrari and 458 Speciale photo shootLaFerrari getting washedLaFerrari getting washedFerrari 458 Speciale getting washed
To set things straight, we have to explain that by “cars” we mean Ferraris. While some classic Prancing Horses would’ve been the best, we don’t have that. Fret not, what we do have instead is the hottest pair of contemporary Maranello children, namely a LaFerrari and a Ferrari 458 Speciale (it’s not the Aperta though).

The two recently visited a British company called Miracle Detail that decided to ask GF Williams to snap a few photos, which you can see in the gallery below. While the Speciale goes all the way with the bubbles, the LaFerrari shows us the splendour of water caressing its styling cues.

In case the name of the photographer sounds familiar, it’s because GF Williams has been shooting all over the world in recent years.

Interestingly enough, the 458 Speciale they chose came in the exact same livery as the one we reviewed earlier this year. Now we feel a bit sorry for not giving the track special a bath.

In another coincidence, the the detail company is located just one minute of driving away from the Top Gear test track (those more into the topic probably know this as Dunsfold Airfield).


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