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Was the World Ready for a Toyota Supra Wagon Almost Three Decades Ago?

Arguably one of the most iconic sports cars ever built, the Toyota Supra story started back in 1978, with the first generation entering production in Japan.
Toyota Supra Wagon - Rendering 9 photos
Toyota Supra Wagon - RenderingToyota Supra Wagon - RenderingToyota Supra A80Toyota Supra A80Toyota Supra A80Toyota Supra A80Toyota Supra A80Toyota Supra A80
It was related to the era’s Celica, came with three engines and as many transmission options, and was replaced by the second-gen in 1981. Its successor came in 1986, with overall enhancements and even more powertrains to choose from, and the A80, which is the most recognizable one by far, arrived in 1993, sharing some nuts and bolts with the Lexus SC, among others.

Unlike its successor, which has a lot of things in common with the latest BMW Z4, the A80 was a pure Japanese model, with a straight-six engine under the hood, offered in two flavors: with or without turbocharging. And it was this lump that made it extremely popular with petrolheads, due to its immense tuning potential, as it wasn’t uncommon at all (and it still isn’t) to see examples with much more power than the original Bugatti Veyron.

As for the green copy pictured in the gallery above, it doesn’t exist outside the digital realm. It has Jlord8 behind it, who rearranged its pixels to turn it into a veritable wagon. The rendering artist modified almost everything behind the A-pillars, from the shape of the front doors to giving it two more doors and extra space between the axles, for a more family-friendly approach. It has a much bigger cargo area than the real Supra, and was imagined in two versions, including one that features that famous rear wing and sits on V-spoke alloys, with uprated brakes behind them.

Having the ability to take the kids to school, do the occasional grocery run, and then hit the drag strip for a few straight-line battles, albeit with a modded 2JZ, the Toyota Supra Wagon, or the Touring Sports as the company would have probably named it, could’ve been a very interesting proposal in the segment. But would it have conquered your heart?


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