Warner Bros’ Newest Tease: Two More Shots of The Batmobile

When you work on a Justice League movie that everybody is waiting for, it’s only normal you won’t just spoil everything at once. At least, that is what the producers of Superman vs. Batman are doing with the pictures of the new Batmobile. Recently two more were posted on social media.
The new batmobile 2 photos
Now, you guys remember we wrote about the latest Warner Bros. project that is supposed to finally answer the comicbook’s world's biggest question ever asked: who is stronger, Batman or Superman? In case you heaven’t already heard, the news at Hollywood say we are going to be seeing the legendary fight in May 2016, when the film is to be finished.

However, until that moment, the crew probably thought it would be better to keep us close to the action by posting images with the new Batmobile. Two weeks ago, we got to take a little peak from under the covers in a Twitter photo released by the movie’s director, Zack Snyder. A couple of days latter, we got a new picture with the mid-section of the hero’s ride with Ben Affleck as Batman posing next to it. Now, two more unofficial photos have emerged via social media, giving us way to actually paint a clear picture of the hole thing.

Although the first - Blue Realms Studios’ Facebook Page is claimed “model sculpture” for the top for the vehicle, the second one looks more like a real car. It popped up on Instagram today and is a front shot taken at ground level of the Batmobile, with the wheels and the chassis attached.

Hard to tell whether we are looking at an off-roader like, say for instance, the Mopar Muscle or the Wrangler modified into a hero-type of beast, but it is definitely not the luxury one.

“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” was announced at Comic-Con 2013 having Zack Snyder working with screenwriter David Goyer to develop the story. Production has begun, with the finished film scheduled to hit theaters on May 6, 2016.

The “v” in the title had us naturally assume that the superheroes will fight each other, but it’s hard to tell how the movie will end, considering the producers didn’t give any details about the actual plot.


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