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There was joy and celebration across the War Thunder community as Gaijin Games announced they’d be adding a new nation to its lineup of aircraft and tanks this week. After a great deal of speculation, the new entry in question has been confirmed as the Israeli Defense Force. Knowing what we know about the IDF, you’ll probably need to start practicing.
It’s exceedingly rare that War Thunder adds a new nation to its repertoire. The last added was Sweden back in 2019. Despite some in the community lambasting this decision because so many Israeli aircraft were donated from western powers, IDF flying machines will not just be copy/pastes of those already in the game.

For example, the Spitfire LF Mk IXe is found in the British tech tree as a tier IV piston fighter. But the one delegated to the new Israeli will carry exclusive 8 cm Flz.-Rakete Oerlikon rockets not found anywhere else in the game.

With 300 mm of penetrating power, this particular Spitfire has the potential to be one of the most effective ground attack aircraft at its battle rating.
Advancing further up the line brings us a mix of imported American and native Israeli aircraft. The first to be unveiled is a heavily modified version of the American Douglas A-4E Skyhawk attack jet.

A very effective jet in its native form, the Israeli Skyhawk will sport a new armament of two 30 mm DEFA machine cannons, a parachute, and an elongated tail. The premium Skyhawk will carry a payload of suspended weapons. Bombs up to 2,000 pounds, Zuni and Mighty Mouse rockets, gun pods, and the AGM-62 Walleye guided bombs are all on offer in this new jet.

With access to weaponry that powerful, it’s no wonder the Israeli Air Defense Force is known around the world as one of the most formidable fighting air forces ever to take to the sky.  When your nation is surrounded by enemies, this is a given.

When you add this to the fast-paced action of the world's favorite wargaming platform, it can only be a recipe for excitement. Or rage, if you happen to get your pilot sniped by a cannon round from a passing Spitfire. Our advice: get good and get good fast!
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