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Want to Skip the Queue and Get the Ford F-150 Lightning Faster? There Is a Markup for That

The Ford F-150 Lightning has turned out to be a very successful product for the Blue Oval. In fact, it has been so well received that they had to stop accepting reservations for it after almost 200,000 people have expressed their interest in buying one. This has created a very long waiting list.
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Ford F-150 LightningFord F-150 LightningFord F-150 LightningFord F-150 LightningFord F-150 LightningFord F-150 Lightning
One dealer, based in Massachusetts, states that out of the 200+ reservations for the electric pickup, they will have a 10% allocation. Sounds like a business opportunity? That’s because it is, as they have announced a $5,000 markup, which would apparently ensure customers of getting theirs.

The information was made public by a user of the F150gen14 forum, who received an e-mail from Rodman Ford, informing them about the $5,000 markup. The reservation order list is being finalized today (December 17), allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis. Those who no longer wish to get an F-150 Lightning from them will be removed from the reservation list altogether, and this includes the said member, who also shared a list of other Ford dealers that do not apply the markup.

A second e-mail shared by the same user reveals an even bigger markup for the zero-emission truck, with Ford Koons of Falls Church, Virginia, behind it, announcing that the first 25 orders will be subjected to a $30,000 premium each. The rest of the orders will carry a $10,000 markup, and they demand an additional deposit of $5,000. Those who choose to cancel the order will lose their deposits.

Production of the F-150 Lightning is set to kick off next spring, the Dearborn automaker’s website reveals, and deliveries will commence shortly after. The model will be offered in the Pro, XLT, Lariat, and Platinum trim levels, and will start at just under $40,000, excluding the $7,500 federal tax credit, options, and dealer fees.


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