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Want to See What a Custom Polaris Slingshot x Gas Monkey Garage Three-Wheeler Looks Like?

The perks of owning a Polaris Slingshot and having founded Gas Monkey Garage brings Richard Rawlings the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind custom build, right in time to show it off at SEMA.
Gas Monkey Garage x Polaris Slingshot 6 photos
Gas Monkey Garage x Polaris SlingshotGas Monkey Garage x Polaris SlingshotGas Monkey Garage x Polaris SlingshotGas Monkey Garage x Polaris SlingshotGas Monkey Garage x Polaris Slingshot
Richard Rawlings knows the importance of owning a unique vehicle. But he wants to go above and beyond, so he joined forces with Polaris Slingshot to create the most exciting and extravagant custom model. We’re also going to experience his creative process via a five-episode special series that will premiere on Polaris Slingshot’s YouTube channel.

As they prepare for Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA), Richard Rawlings and his Gas Money Garage team will be pouring all their creativity into this custom three-wheeler, which promises to showcase Rawlings’ personality and out-of-the-box thinking.

Rawlings is surely excited and shared: “Half the fun in owning a Slingshot is customizing it and making it your own. For us at Gas Monkey Garage, we put a build plan together that will allow us to get after it and have some fun. Because that’s what Slingshot is all about – personalization through customization.”

Interested yet? Here’s what we know so far about the project. Rawlings will go to the next level with his three-wheeler, demanding attention and promising more than just simple, glance-at-it-maybe-twice paint and lights.

“We’re excited to partner with Richard Rawlings and Gas Monkey Garage, as they’re an authentic representation of our brand,” said Chris Sergeant, Vice President of Polaris Slingshot. “Slingshot is a statement-maker in and of itself. Our owners, including Richard, take it to the next level and leave no stone unturned when customizing. They personalize every detail, and each Slingshot becomes a canvas of our owners’ self-expression.”

With an open-air cockpit and side-by-side seating, the three-wheel Slingshot begs to be personalized, therefore giving Rawlings the perfect opportunity to show off his creativity in the most detailed way possible.

With its premiere on Tuesday, October 12, on Polaris Slingshot’s YouTube Channel, the series will add a new episode each week. It's offering the viewers a front-row seat not only into the creative build process, but also the trails, the thinking, and tinkering. It will all end with a bang towards the final reveal, which will happen at SEMA in Las Vegas on November 2.

Based on the pictures released (attached in the gallery) and the typical Gas Monkey Garage video-editing for their upcoming series, there’s so much to discover until we get to see the final product.

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