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Want To Get Into the All-Road Game for Few Bucks? The Carbon Haanjo 6C May Be the Answer
When I was a kid, carbon fiber bikes were destined only for the elites of cycling. Today, that's kind of still true, but technology and experience have brought prices way down. With that in mind, we'll be getting to know Haanjo 6C, a carbon wonder that'll leave you with cash in your pocket to buy two if you want.

Want To Get Into the All-Road Game for Few Bucks? The Carbon Haanjo 6C May Be the Answer

Haanjo 6C (Action)Haanjo 6CHaanjo 6C FrameHaanjo 6C (Action)Haanjo 6C (Action)Haanjo 6C CockpitHaanjo 6C Cassette and DerailleurHaanjo 6C ForkHaanjo 6C CrankHaanjo 6C LeversHaanjo 6CHaanjo 6C (Action)Haanjo 6C
Look, this here Haanjo 6C is a carbon fiber bike built by none other than Diamondback Bicycles. If you've heard or seen this brand on your local streets, it's because this crew is from right here in the U.S. and was founded back in 1977. Initially, the brand got into the game with BMX bikes and later transitioned to the likes of MTBs and road bikes.

As for the 6C, it's the sort of trinket meant to be your go-to bicycle for any sort of riding that includes a road or dirt pathway. Yes, it looks like it can crunch on some gravel for breakfast. Taking a closer look at the manufacturer's website, the following words can be seen, "Wait — is this a road bike? A cyclocross rig? A commuter? The answer: Yes." That should give you a clear perspective as to what you'll be doing with the 6C.

Here's an excellent way to understand what your life may be like with this bike. I want you to feel as though you've woken up at 6 a.m. and got in touch with your riding buddies. Once everyone's huddled together in your driveway, you set off for a day of riding. From the first moment you push on the pedal, a Sram drivetrain begins to work its magic. The rear derailleur is a Rival 1 and will be moving your KMC chain on a PG-1130, 11-speed cassette.

As you ride along, you can't help but notice that the road feels a little softer today. You can't put your finger on it; heck, the front doesn't even have a suspension. It's then and there that you remember that the frame is built out of carbon fiber, which alone yields vibration-reducing properties and flexibility during bumps. Both the fork and frame are completed using Diamondback's' proprietary blend of carbon and layup techniques too. Part of the softer ride also has to do with the tires Diamondback tuned the 6C to use 650x47B rubbers; a little bit can go a long way when it comes to all-road riding.

Now, getting you from point A to point B smoothly is something most bikes can achieve, so what else sets the 6C apart from other cyclocross trinkets on the market? I could quickly identify a few things when I first lay eyes on it: the numerous mounts seem tattered to the frame. These simple features tell you that the 6C can be used for a bit more than just a day's ride; it can shapeshift into a downright bike-packing rig.

So, how much is this little bugger going to be setting you back? Well, it seems that the MSRP is set at $2,550 (€2,394 at current exchange rates), but some dealerships are sure to tack on a little more for their cut. After all, the middleman has a family to feed, too. But, even if I was asked to crank out a bit more than this rate, I wouldn't feel bad. Heck, why not head down to a local dealership and give it a whirl first, then make a decision. Be careful, though; you may just end up buying a new bike.

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