Want To Dominate the 4x4 Off-Grid Scene? Wolf Rigs' $350K H1 Conversion Is What You Need

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Photo: Wolf Rigs
The PattonThe PattonThe PattonThe Patton Gear GarageThe Patton InteriorThe Patton InteriorThe PattonThe PattonThe Patton Interior RenderingThe Patton Interior RenderingThe Patton Cab RenderingThe PattonThe PattonThe Patton Gear Garage
I recently ran across a crew hitting the off-road and overlanding market with an insane build, Wolf Rigs. If the name doesn’t ring any bells, once we’re done exploring their Patton project, you could also find yourself on the phone, assuming you have around $350K in your bank account.
Off-roading ladies and overlanding gentlemen, this is the Patton, a one-of-a-kind project that showcases everything that Wolf Rigs is all about. Yes, we can consider it a flagship. Heck, with a build price set around the $350K (€351,500 at current exchange rates) mark, you might as well consider it a ship. An off-roading, off-griding, overlanding habitat designed to help you drive on and on and on and... you get the point. Oh, and once you’re done driving or crossing the dang Sahara, you can just have dinner, take a nap, and even wash up for the next leg of your mobile adventures.

Before we explore what our lives may be like in a Patton, let’s take a quick look at the hands and minds behind the conversion. Wolf Rigs states on their website that “An overland project takes more than a mechanic.” With that, we can already start to get an idea of what we’re in for. For example, Wolf Rigs covers every aspect of this build, including electrical and solar, metal fabrication, carpentry, plumbing, walls, windows, the whole shebang! After all, when you control every aspect of a build, it’s easier to manipulate things to your liking.

Well, all the knowledge that this crew has is wrapped up in this Hummer H1 conversion dubbed the Patton. One way we can experience it for ourselves is to take a trip through our off-griding imagination. Get ready for one crazy journey.

The Patton Interior
Photo: Wolf Rigs
Here we are, at the edge of the Sahara or the Sonoran Desert, looking into the great nothingness of it all, the sun beating down on your Patton’s aluminum shell and frame. After all, if steel was used, this bugger would weigh more than the tires or axles could handle. Heck, the living space alone is massive and filled with all the essentials needed to support the lives of two, possibly three, guests.

As you plan your takeover of this incredible expanse, you climb into your H1 and turn the key. A 3.9-liter Cummins engine kicks on and sends its deep rumble through your bones; with 4WD engaged, it’s time to trudge on. However, it seems that roads are of no concern to you, with 16 inches (40.6 centimeters) of ground clearance and a 12-mile (19-kilometer) per gallon consumption rate for city driving. Considering that the chassis is an H1, you know darn well that you won’t need to worry about riding over things or if the suspension can take it.

After a few hours or so of driving, you finally reach the base of some rock formation and decide that this is the perfect place to set up camp for the night, possibly the next few days. With 800 watts of solar power, systems are easily powered, and a 22,000 BTU AC system ensures you don’t cook like an egg on a summer sidewalk.

The Patton Interior
Photo: Wolf Rigs
What I found rather neat about this RV is the way the interior is arranged. At the very rear of the unit, a fully equipped bathroom with shower, toilet, and vanity allows you to clean off after a long day of exploring, while the galley is separated, with the sink to the left and cooktop to the right. Ample countertops accompany both appliances, too.

As we head to the front of Patton’s living space, a modular dinette sits in wait for hungry or tired guests, and above the cab, a queen bed is prepared for tired and weary bones. If you have trouble falling asleep, a skylight offers a clear view of the night sky. Beyond that, the space is roomy, features a wonderful balance between tones of wood and LED lighting, and has storage space for just about everything you may need to bring along.

The Patton Gear Garage
Photo: Wolf Rigs
Again, this RV is the kind that has been prepared for off-grid living, and with that, Wolf Rigs also installs a massive gear garage that’s fit for tools, emergency gear, and even spare tires. If there’s anything else you feel like bringing along, things like e-bikes or kayaks, you can ask Wolf Rigs what’s possible and go from there.

At the end of the day, it’s not often we see an overlanding machine that uses a Hummer H1 as a base vehicle. That’s what makes this build all the more appealing; there’s just something about seeing a Hummer riding down the street, and witnessing one with a massive off-grid habitat strapped to it is all the more reason you should be aware of its existence. If you want one, you know what you must do.

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