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Want Comfort? Bam! Want a Slide-Out? Bam! Want Adventure? Bam! The "Ultra-Light" 1575
When it comes to travel trailers and campers, there are a quite few American manufacturers to choose from. However, Lance Campers is the crew responsible for the travel trailer we will be looking at today.

Want Comfort? Bam! Want a Slide-Out? Bam! Want Adventure? Bam! The "Ultra-Light" 1575

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Folks, what we’re looking at is Lance’s 1575 travel trailer, but the “Ultra-Light” edition, a unit meant to express the peak of what this manufacturer can achieve. To get an idea of what’s in store, let me point out that pricing for one of these suckers varies greatly, but units can be found ranging from 35,000 USD (31,541 EUR at current exchange rates) for older models and up to 55,000 USD (49,564 EUR) or more for 2022 models. This, of course, also depends on the dealership used for acquisition and the features you’ll have access to.

Now, there are a few reasons why I chose to bring to light this travel trailer, and some of them revolve around the way this camper is built and the fact that it includes a slide-out, perfect for maximizing interior space as you explore landmarks for a day or two.

Sure, we can talk about that exterior and how it’s filled with countless features aimed at comfort and capability, but when it comes to a habitat that’s meant to keep you comfortable, safe, and will endure the elements, you need to pay some extra attention to the way a camper is built.

The construction I mentioned is centered around an insulated aluminum frame worthy of all-weather use. This means that you’ll be able to use this camper come spring, come summer, fall, and even winter. Yes, the underbelly is enclosed and insulated too. And, while you’re out there, a one-piece roof should be just what the doctor ordered in providing a leak-proof construction. More protection is provided by the presence of Azdel substrate.

Yes, the way a camper of any kind is built reflects onto the interior space, which brings me to my next point. The interior of 1575 isn’t just modern and clean-cut, but because of the inclusion of that slide-out, guests will be able to walk freely through the space, and meals can be whipped up without having to kick anyone out of the trailer.

Heck, while you’re cooking on a three-burner range, a couple of guests will be able to hang out in the forward bedroom and watch a bit of TV, while a few more can be waiting patiently in the dinette, nice and out of the way as this is the area located on the slide-out.

Because there’s a drop-down table, this space can be transformed to accommodate another two sleepers. Yup, four guests can join this party, and come to think of it, another two people can sleep on the floor, but that may compromise the structural integrity of 1575. If on a couple’s retreat and tensions flare, you can each cool off in your own corner of the habitat until love is reignited again.

Speaking of corners, a bathroom is located at the rear and is fit a porcelain toilet, shower, curtain, and a vanity to ensure your photoshoot with the local wildlife is Instagram-worthy. Maybe you’re just storing medical goods here, I don’t know.

Now, one thing you need to realize about most slide-out campers is that they’re hard to access without the slide-out being deployed. Looking at the floorplan that Lance offers, this seems to be the case; closed, you may need to suck in your gut to squeeze through. Better hope that mechanism never fails.

And yes, off-grid systems are a part of this story, so do take the time to see what sort of electrical, water, and safety systems you’ll find, as there are quite a few. To help you out, expect to find things like LED lighting, charge ports, a JBL sound system, and prewiring for solar power. If you and your crew do happen to be party animals, the sound system does extend to the exterior, so put on that tribal track you’ve been listening to, spark a bonfire, and dance away.

At the end of the day, Lance did their best to offer a lightweight mobile home, and while 1575 comes in with an overall length of 20.4 ft (6.23 m), it features a gross dry weight of 2,775 lbs (1,258 kg) and GVWR of 3,700 lbs (1,678 kg). 925 lbs (419 kg) is the allowed cargo limit for bringing knick-knacks. This does include any extra features you add to the build.

If you see a flood of campers and RVs on automotive sites, it’s because summer is just around the corner and spring is one of the seasons for buying your next camper. Fall too, but we have a few more months to go until then, so let the 1575 run through your synapses.

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