Want an Affordable and Capable Campervan? Sunlight's Cliff RT Is the Answer

Countless, and I mean countless, manufacturers promise to have the answer to on-road living and exploration. But only a few teams know what it takes to bring a smile to your face and how to dig their hands into your pockets.
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One such crew is Sunlight, a German RV and motorhome manufacturer currently part of the Erwin Hymer Group of companies. Oh, and just we're on the same page here; Erwin Hymer is owned by one of America's largest camper and RV conglomerates, none other than Thor Industries.

It's this lineage of companies that is responsible for the machine in question today, the Cliff RT, a campervan with a surprising price tag. For example, in my search for a new RT, I ran into price tags of around £65,000 ($81K at current exchange rates), depending on the sort of features in store. Quite the deal if you consider that everything you need is included in that rate, including the base vehicle. For instance, Sunlight starts with a Fiat Ducato base vehicle. After going to town on the whole thing, including cutting out a massive hole in the roof, you're looking at a mobile habitat that can sustain an on-road living, even where asphalt sometimes ends.

Now, what makes the RT different from your typical campervan is that it's built with possibilities in mind. It can accommodate up to five guests, and that's made possible because of that 'hole' cut in the shell's roof. With this modification to the body, Sunlight decided to add a rooftop tent, perfect for changing the scenery as a couple or for the little ones, in case you're traveling as a family.

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Photo: Sunlight GmbH
Let's say you fall in love with one of the three available floorplans. If that happens, all you need to know is that the main difference between the three is size. Other than that, the layout and available features are similar, all but for one unit, which has a north-to-south bedding arrangement, while the other two come with an east-to-west setup.

To get an idea of what we're up against here, let's take a little trip through imagination and pretend that you own an RT. I want you to picture it sitting in your driveway with its doors open, taking in all the little goodies you need on your trip. From under-bed storage to overhead bins and cupboards, there's plenty of space for your goodies. Once everything is loaded up and ready to go, you give out the old gathering call, and you're off.

Now, the beauty of a campervan, as opposed to a massive RV, is just that; campervans tend to be much smaller and easier to maneuver, thus, a great choice for those just starting their RV lifestyle. The only downside is that systems tend to be smaller, so longer trips require a bit more attention in terms of how much water you use, what you bring along, how much fuel you have in your tanks, and if you have solar power. All this also means that you'll be able to access some of those roads otherwise inaccessible to larger motorhomes or travel trailers.

So, you should often find yourself in the middle of nowhere, sometimes even off the beaten path. Once you do so, all you have to do is get out of the driver's seat, and you're ready to start whatever activities you had in mind. If this is the place you'll call home for the next few days, you can also open up the rooftop tent, position the RT to face whatever moment of the day you enjoy, and that's it.

Cliff RT Interior
Photo: Sunlight GmbH
Access to the interior can be made in several ways, including by simply rotating the driver and passenger seats to face inward. There's also a side hatch, placing you right in the middle of the action, and the two rear doors, allowing you to search for your stuff underneath the bedding or climb in and take a nap. Imagine going to sleep as the rear doors are open while overlooking some sandy beaches.

After your little afternoon nap, it's time to wake up and prepare your campsite for the rest of your stay. But first, a meal. Along the starboard side of the RT, a galley is found and ready to help you whip up three-course meals. Vis-a-vis, a wet bath, a wardrobe, and a dinette make up the port wall. Simple, nothing too fancy, but absolutely everything you need to live the mobile lifestyle. Then there's that integrated rooftop tent, offering an unedited view of the world around, and as always, from atop your mobile world.

Sure, I can talk about all the standard features and options Sunlight places at your disposal until the cows come home, but you get the idea just fine. All that's left to do now is find a dealership in your area and take a step inside. Just be sure to have the bucks ready because you may be leaving with a new Class B motorhome.

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