Wacky Ferrari 12XX Design Project Feels Like a Stealth (F-117) Bomber for the Road

Just like the other 99% of the automotive world, Ferrari was present and accounted for at 'Casa Ferrari' during Monterey Car Week. There, it presented a unique take on the Ferrari 812 Competizione during an exclusive event.
Ferrari 12XX rendering by trav1s_yang on 11 photos
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Sure, others – like Rolls-Royce – had $30 million cars on display (La Rose Noire, the first of three Droptail Coachbuild commissions), but you can't fault Ferrari for that. In fact, the entire Monterey Car Week was kind of crazy, as there were so many exotic brands and novelties that you needed something stratospheric to stand out in the crowd.

It's kind of like the Czinger 21C Blackbird Edition, for example, which came to life to pay tribute to Lockheed's crazy long-range, high-altitude, Mach 3+ strategic reconnaissance aircraft – the SR-71, aka Blackbird. Well, if this other Ferrari were present, then perhaps the Prancing Horse would have swept the podium.

Anyway, although it comes from the imaginative realm of digital car content creators, this unofficial Ferrari 12XX project is actually real* (* real as you and me, albeit down to scale as a clay model). The good folks over at have recently focused our attention on this stunning design made by an older acquaintance - trav1s_yang.

Travis Yang, who is an Art Center Design student, was helped by his colleagues to make his vision come true. Back to the parallel universes of automotive CGI, he was drawn to the idea of an extreme hypercar, unlike anything we have ever seen from the Prancing Horse's headquarters in Maranello. Hey, he even rendered a life-like prototype dressed in camouflage using the classic exit from the factory – a well-known spotting place for upcoming models.

Of course, this is all wishful thinking – mainly because Ferrari probably will not endorse the Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk warbird with anything resembling it. Just to be straight on the record, the F-117 was a single-seat, subsonic twin-engine stealth attack aircraft developed by Skunk Works, operated in war zones for the United States Air Force (USAF), and is now retired. It will also go down in history as the first operational aircraft with a stealth design and technology – but not also for receiving a Ferrari companion.

Of course, since we are in the habit of indulging in these wacky hypothetical projects, let us think of something appropriate to power the unofficial Ferrari 12XX. Since the project has a couple of exhaust tips, we reckon it's something V12 in the middle, perhaps complete with borrowed F1 technology to make it a plug-in hybrid monster. And, naturally, it would come with lots of oomph – perhaps enough to even beat a Bugatti Chiron?

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