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VW Up! Commercials from South Africa Admit the Car Won't Get You Girls, Jobs or Respect

Not all A-segment cars are utterly boring, but most are. This statement is especially true if you're looking at a Volkswagen Up! which is so dull that we haven't seen a press release about it in half a year.
VW Up! Commercials from South Africa Admit the Car Is a Boring A-to-B Box 1 photo
Of course, the Germans are so uptight that they will never admit the Up! is simply designed to feel basic transportation needs, like a bicycle. But VW South Africa is calling it like it is.

They've release three different commercials that we've bundled up into a short playlist. We had a nice little chuckle with all of them because they make fun of the major stereotypes related to buying cars.

The first one states that if you want a car to help you climb the corporate ladder, you can buy the Up!, drive to work early and work really hard. The second says that listening to self-help tapes on the stereo will make you stronger, while the last admits the VW will not compensate for your lack of humor and charm.

The VW Up! is only now being launched in South Africa, but it's been available in Europe since its inception in 2011. It's assembled in Slovakia by Skoda on the same line as its sisters cars, the Citigo and Mii.

Available in both 3- and 5-door forms, the Volkswagen Up! is fitted with a 1-liter inline-3 engine that produces either 60 or 75 horsepower. Its total length of only 3.5 meters means that what the Up! lacks in power, it makes up for with ease of parking.


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