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VW TDI Owner in Portland Finds This Note in His Windshield: Emissions and Nazis

We knew it was only a matter of time before eco-mentalists started bugging regular people who just happen to own a Volkswagen with a TDI engine. Yesterday, Twitter user Don Draper Clone found this note the windshield of his car from a "concerned citizen of Portland."
VW TDI Owner in Portland Finds This Note in His Windshield: Emissions and Nazis 1 photo
Of course, this is probably only the beginning, as some people will soon see driving any Volkswagen as a criminal act. But while there's no excuse for what Volkswagen did, telling people what to do is also unacceptable.

It's not the environmental activists' place to go tell other people what to do with their property. How would you feel if you had a classic V8 muscle car from the 60s, and someone put a note on your window saying "Hi there, your V8 is not fuel efficient and is polluting the atmosphere. How about you get rid of that and buy a Prius."?

Before Dieselgate, most people didn't know there's a difference between fuel consumption and emissions. On a more personal note, the people who pay $30,000 for a Volkswagen with only 150 horsepower are probably sober old men, not hillbillies with "rolling coal" pickup trucks.

There's something… unexplainably unpleasant about this simple piece of paper. I mean, the smugness must have been plastered all over the face of the guy as he lifted the wiper and plastered the note.

As for the stuff about Hitler and the Nazis, we've always considered this to be a low blow. Do you know who made and designed the uniforms for the SS troops that murdered and tortured millions of people? The factory that eventually became the international menswear powerhouse Hugo Boss. Stick that into a perfume bottle and sell it!

Vespa made military aircraft, Fiat made tanks and don't get us started on BMW. The fact that the Twitter user who posted this image has the handle "Don Draper Clone" is kind of funny. I remember there was an episode of Mad Men where the marketing people conclude the Beetle isn't a car. It's pretty funny, and you can check it out below.

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