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VW Polo R WRC Tuned to 309 HP by BR-Performance

We take a short brake from thinking about the Audi S1 to show you what you can have if you buy a 2-liter Polo from your local Volkswagen dealerships.
VW Polo R WRC Tuned to 309 HP by BR-Performance 1 photo
Launched last year to celebrate their rally success, the Polo R WRC is a hot hatch geek's dream: Golf GTI engine in a supermini. As overpowering as that sounds, many tuners have tried to give the car more power. If I remember correctly, MTM and ABT both revealed kits at the Essen Motor Show that produced 290 to 300 hp.

Moar, the internet said, and so we're giving you more. A French tuner called BR-Performance took the numbers all the way to 309 PS. Perhaps even more impressive is the fact that torque is up from 350 Nm to 440 Nm. Derestricted, this car should be able to do about 270 km/h if you're crazy enough to try.

The VW Polo R is a the sort of car everybody wants to see at a gathering, right up there with the MINI John Cooper Works GP, the Ford Focus RS or the the 6,331 BMW 1Ms. It's as cool as a small VW can get right now.

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