VW Jetta Commercial: Bad Dog Swallowed Keys

Volkswagen probably makes the best commercials in the world. It’s not the big budget or the fact that their cars are good looking, it’s the “fun” factor that gets us every time.
The latest commercial for the 2013 Jetta sedan finds the most amusing way to show us why keyless access is a good thing. Say your lovable old dog has swallowed the key to your car, what do you do? Obviously, you have to take it to the vet, and the surgery will cost you money and him his dignity.

But at least you can get to the vet because your Jetta has keyless entry, so you can just hold the chubby dog in front of the door handle and voila: open and close sesame. The dog can even close the windows and the sunroof, because they’re all powered.


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