VW Golf GTI Has a Very Casual Autobahn 149 MPH Crash

VW Golf GTI Has a Very Casual Autobahn 149 MPH Crash 1 photo
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The rest of the world sees the Autobahn as this mythical place of speed, where every car is free to reach its full speed. But that doesn't mean every driver there has immaculate road manners, as proven by this crash video involving a Volkswagen Golf GTI.
Tartan seats, a digital dash, buttons for the climate control system, and a DSG shifter pulled back - that can only mean we're dealing with Golf 7.5 GTI, rated in Germany at 245 PS (242 hp). It's a hot hatch that feels right at home on these high-speed road networks.

We see this video as a lesson about differences in customs depending on where you live in the world, like wearing shoes in the house or tipping (not the cows). More specifically, we're referring to the use of lanes and flashing your lights.

In America, drivers might use the flashing of headlights to signal to a car it's safe to pass. You see it more often between truckers. But in Germany, it works the other way around. You can see the Golf GTI driver flashing that Skoda Rapid hatchback not because he's allowed to merge, but to warn him he's about to be overtaken.

This kind of difference in cultural norms could prove dangerous if you ever visit Germany. Also, we've been told in the past that Autobahn drivers usually know they're not supposed to use the fast lane if they're ever going to hold people back. But as the road network is becoming congested, the "rule" is followed less and less.

Now, we're not trying to place the blame here and are actually happy both vehicles escaped in good condition. The quick reflexes of the GTI driver are to thank for this. An inch or two of extra impact surface could have turned this into a high-speed disaster.

Both cars have got busted mirrors, scratches on the doors, and probably the fenders. But these are quick and relatively cheap to fix.

Update: It's just the trucks! Car drivers in America flash their lights only to warn of police. However, truck drivers use the light flashing as a way to indicate it is clear to enter the lane in front of you.

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