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VW Crafter-Based Campervan Is a Gorgeous, Off-Grid Resort Designed to Heal Your Soul

I got hooked on Van Life Builds’ conversions last year when I covered their splendid Icelandic dream camper, based on a Mercedes Sprinter. Now the U.K.-based home-on-wheels creators are back with yet another gorgeous off-grid tiny home.
VW Crafter-Based Campervan from Van Life Builds 13 photos
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Living tiny doesn’t necessarily have to mean living tasteless. In fact, letting go of those extra square ft. of space is really the only compromise you have to make. And there are so many examples of incredible tiny houses on wheels that look way more elegant, sophisticated, and better than our boring, ground-based homes.

The guys at Van Life Builds are pure geniuses when it comes to creating bespoke tiny homes and campervans by coming up with one-off designs built around their customers’ vision and personality.

Their latest project is based on a long-wheelbase (170 in/4,325 mm) Volkswagen Crafter, with a design based around a woodland theme, as explained by the builder. It uses a lot of calming wood, earthy, natural tones, and textures while incorporating unusual angles and keeping a modern vibe to it at the same time. There are a lot of candles spread throughout the van and an interesting lighting setup with LED stripes and neon lights in several colors.

Space is cleverly utilized down to the very last inch, in such a way that it makes this tiny home not feel tiny at all.

There’s a multi-purpose, expanding swiveling table that can be used in various positions, both inside and outside the van. When unfolded, up to four people can socialize or dine around it. We’ve seen Van Life Builds using the same design on the Icelandic camper as well.

A wedge-shaped kitchen comes equipped with everything you need to prepare your meals on the road, from a two-burner cooker to enough storage space and cabinets for all your cutlery, condiments, and even recipe books.

The bathroom is more spacious than you’d think, fitting in a composting toilet, a washbasin, an instant hot shower, and a full-length mirror on the wall.

Carpeted storage steps take you into the cozy bedroom area with a spacious bed, a wardrobe, a small side window with an engraved wood cover, and a skylight that gives you access to a large roof deck. There are solar panels on the roof, as well as a Max-Fan.

The VW Crafter-based campervan is a cozy sanctuary where you can relax, hang your hammock in the back, take in the view, and just feel free and peaceful. Van Life Builds says the van will be up for sale soon but is yet to mention a date or a price. Meanwhile, you can virtually get a taste of the exquisite van life in the video below.

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