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VTOL Drone Looks Like a Stingray Made for the Sky, Can Stay Up for 60 Minutes on a Charge

VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) drones are a dime a dozen nowadays, so there’s no shortage of designs to choose from. But this particular twin-rotor one from HG Robotics looks a bit different than others, just like a stingray sitting on its tail, ready to take to the sky.
Vetal VTOL drone from HG Robotics 6 photos
Vetal VTOL droneVetal VTOL droneVetal VTOL droneVetal VTOL droneVetal VTOL drone
Ready to fly right out of the box, the Vetal only requires you to unfold its landing gears, slide in the battery, and it is all set to launch. Built with military-grade materials, the drone comes with a carbon fiber shell body and it has a wingspan of 4.2 ft (1.3 m). It measures 2.2 x 4.2 x 3.2 ft (0.7 x 1.3 x 1 m), weighs 3.8 kg (8.3 lb.) without payload, and has a maximum capacity of 0.8 kg (1.7 lb.), which makes it especially suitable for surveillance and inspection. The manufacturer claims it makes for a great survey business VTOL drone.

HG Robotics says that the Vetal can be used with different types of cameras, sensors, and other customizable gimbals, which can be easily attached/removed via the quick-release mechanism. Its front-facing camera can fully rotate, offering a 360-degree view and object tracking.

The VTOL’s two motors are powered by one 12 Ah, 18650 battery that claims to offer a flight time of up to 60 minutes on a charge, depending, of course, on the payload.

As for the speed of the Vetal, the drone can reach up to 90 kph (56 mph), while its cruising speed is 54 kph (approximately 34 mph). It can fly at altitudes of up to 2,000 m (6,560 ft).

HG Robotics boasts of the Vetal being one of the first VTOL drones to feature full onboard 4G/5G capability, being designed for long-range BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight) operation. Its remote controller works at a range of up to 7 km (over 4 miles).

The Vetal can land on moving objects such as a truck, ship, train, etc.

You can now order the VTOL drone online by contacting HG Robotics. While there’s no pricing info displayed on the website, rumor has it this tail-sitting flying machine will set you back around $23,000.

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