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Volvo XC90 Rendered as a Coupe SUV. Could This Become a Thing?

What was viewed as a ‘glitch in the Matrix’ not too long ago is today becoming more and more popular as manufacturers are seemingly looking to cover every possible niche. When BMW first came out with their Sport Activity Coupe concept, the whole world laughed at them.
Volvo XC90 Coupe Rendering 1 photo
Some seven years later, the Germans had sold 250,000 of the original X6, a car that was not cheap in any way you looked at it. Sure, it looked like a coupe on stilts but it was damn popular. So popular in fact that now there’s yet another such creation in the line-up of BMW and rivals are creating similar models such as the Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe.

What’s bewildering is that the competition, now represented mainly by the three-pointed star brand, isn’t even hiding the fact they were inspired by the X6 or that they are going straight at it. Doing otherwise would be futile...

The guys from X-Tomi designs thought that the newest addition to this range of premium SUVs could also get this treatment in the future. We’re referring to the brand new Volvo XC90, a brilliant car that we recently took for a trip and we’ll be telling you all about tomorrow, as we publish an extensive review of it.

Could it be possible that the Swedes also launch a Coupe version of their flagship SUV? If you ask us, that’s not likely. That’s because they have a certain reputation to uphold, one that implies they are serious, cold people that are always listening to reason and are not guided by emotions.

Whereas the whole Coupe thing is one, that appeals to those looking for an emotional design that cuts into practicality and reason and brings a touch of flair and extravagance to the mix. No, a Volvo XC90 Coupe is not possible but it is a tantalizing proposal nonetheless.


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