Volvo Will Pay for Damages in Case Its Self-Driving Cars Crash

Volvo promised that their cars will be death-free by 2020 and this is probably the most ambitious goal the Swedes set for themselves ever since the brand was brought up. However, if there’s one company out there that would reach such an achievement it feels only natural to be Volvo.
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Another step towards meeting it is the development of autonomous features, turning the cars slowly but steadily into fault-free vehicles that will solve a lot of problems otherwise caused by human error.

Recently, the Swedes revealed how their Auto-Pilot system will work, showcasing it with the help of a video and some revealing photos and they claim that the car will be absolutely safe, without any human input.

While it all sounds impressive, we initially thought it was just smoke in our face. Well, a recent event proved that Volvo truly is behind its features.

According to Car & Driver, at the Swedish embassy in Washington DC, the CEO of Volvo, Mr. Hakan Samuelsson said that the company will be ‘accepting full liability’ if their cars will cause damages via a self-driving feature. That’s a big deal too, as there are few others out there that offer the same comfort. To be more precise, the only two other companies that have similar claims are Mercedes-Benz and Google. Since Google doesn’t have a car in production at the moment, this remains a two-horse race.

It will be interesting to see how this ‘full liability coverage’ works in the future though as customers will surely want to take advantage of it. What we mean to say is that not everyone out there is honest.

There are a couple of things that will get in the way of scammers, though. First of all, all self-driving systems have thousands of sensors and they are probably creating a log every time they are being used. That means that you couldn’t crash your car and claim it was the fault of the electronics without being caught. In other words: don’t even try it!

This move would also show just how much trust is being put in the work of engineers and software developers as they will be the ones putting this technology in our hands. If Volvo is willing to pay for the damages, they are probably expecting a really low rate of failure.
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