Volvo VN 18-Wheeler Gets Destroyed with Fire and Wrecking Ball Only to Be Rebuilt for an Ad

At a certain point in our lives, we all had to take on the fun challenge of making a commercial. Whether you actually work in the advertising field or you were trying to convince your wife that STI is a good family purchase, you’ve been there. But did you ever wake up in the morning with an urge to destroy a truck for the sake of offering your services?
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We want to introduce you to some guys who have recently done just that. Seriously, these people took a Volvo VN-series 18-wheeler and tore it apart, aiming to show their mechanics can bring the machine back to life. The company, which is called Ryder Fleet Management, must’ve been short on time, since they only allowed their specialist to work on the truck for 24 hours.

Here’s what they had to say about the whole stunt “We took one of the newest, most advanced trucks on the planet and destroyed it. Why? To see if our technicians could put it back together. And just to make it that much more fun, we only gave them 24 hours to do it.

The truck was subjected to some serious debris field abuse, while going over some spike strips and carrying on was only a part of the torture that followed. Oh, and don’t expect those flames at the nose of the machine to come from the engine compartment. We’re talking about pyrotechnics instead.

However, this was a well-choreographed moment, so, for instance, the wrecking ball that hit the Volvo wasn’t aimed at a point that would’ve allowed it to bend the chassis.

Even so, we have to admit this is one impressive, all-American ad. Oh, and we must add the team not only achieved the target, but they completed the job in about two-thirds of the given time.

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