Volvo Unveils Mapei’s Million Ways to Live Music Video

Volvo Trucks has been quite fond of creative marketing campaigns, with Jean-Claude Van Damme’s famous truck split commercial breaking the charts a while ago. Since they saw this approach was working quite well, they’ve decided to move things further, adding a little bit of celebrity flavor to the equation. This time they had one of their trucks driving on two wheels in Mapei’s new video.
Volvo Unveils Mapei’s Million Ways to Live Music Video 1 photo
Of the making of the stunt, we had already mentioned in June when Volvo told us about their new venture. Sure, we only had a teaser then. Now that we have the entire video at our disposal we can take a closer look at what they did there.

The Swedish automaker claims Mapei rode on a Volvo Truck during nine days around Europe to make this video happen. She had professional driver Jens Karlsson along to make sure everything goes through as planned. The Ace is the same fellow to pull off the Van Damme gig, and as you can see below he clearly knows what he’s doing.

As to the song, it’s being released to coincide with the Swedish-American singer’s forthcoming album in autumn 2015. Yes, yes, but what does a pop singer have to do with big trucks? Well, here’s what folks over at the advertising campaign have to say about it.

“My vision for the video was to emphasize the message of freedom that is embodied in Mapei’s song. It’s about packing your bag and setting out on an adventure. I hope the viewers will be inspired to do the same thing when they see the video: let go, have fun, and live for today,” said Liza Minou Morberg, the director behind the video.

We can’t quite figure out who is going to pay the bills when we do eventually let go and run away, but we get the drill.


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