Volvo Trucks Explains How the Hamster Stunt Was Pulled Off

Because the video has gone viral on the internet, everybody has seen how a little hamster drove a truck.
Charlie the truck driving hamster 1 photo
But we wanted to see if the stunt is real, especially since there are more than a few engineers and trick fans around the office.

New clips released today by Volvo Trucks take us behind the scenes of the spectacular video which saw a new FMX truck being driven up a quarry road at Los Tres Cunados in the Ourense region of Spain.

Volvo's engineers got the idea for the stunt because they wanted to promote the ultra-light steering of the new FMX truck. It's amazing to see that just 175 grams of rodent power can move a 15 ton truck.

"Just like people, animals have different personalities. So we knew we had to interview a lot of different hamsters. By putting them through various trials, handling them and getting to know them we soon discovered which hamster would be the best for the job," explains animal trainer Grace Dickinson, who took care of Charlie on set in Spain.

"Charlie's our star! He demonstrated that he has the best strength, confidence and attitude to learning new ideas. And he's very food-oriented so he's willing to follow the target, which is a carrot," says Grace Dickinson.

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