Volvo S60 Painting by Blind Artist to Be Auctioned

In these sad times, when sales don’t really seem to pick up, a good marketing campaign can make the difference between a Christmas bonus for the employees or a few weeks off due to production decrease.

Nowadays Volvo is really getting attention towards its upcoming S60 model, as the Swedish car manufacturer found an ingenious and probably “low-cost” way of stunning the world. They hired Turkish artist Esref Armagan to paint the car. Might not sound like much, but considering that Esref has been born blind and he can paint in a perspective, it becomes stunning.

"It was an amazing experience to work together with Esref Armagan. He truly embraces life and we think that his approach matches exactly how we at Volvo embrace life. Through this auction and the donation to World Blind Union we will take this rewarding corporation even one step further", says Lukas Dohle, director of Live Communication and Social Media at Volvo Cars.

After posting the “making of” film on youtube or facebook, Volvo decided that it was time for the unique painting to find another home, so an auction will be posted on eBay Canada. If you’re interested on bidding no need to worry, as the auction can be accessed globally, so anyone can bid.

The auction will open on the December 7 at 8:00 pm and will continue for 10 days, until December 17 when it will be closed at the same hour. The money resulted in the auction will be donated to the World Blind Union.


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