Volvo S60 2-Door Pickup Is a Stunning Idea That Will Never Happen

There's just something about Volvos that people seem to love rendering into pickup trucks. It may be the boxy shape or the offroad capabilities, we're not quite sure. The pickup treatment was seen when the new XC90 came out and we're seeing it again today.
Volvo T60 2-Door Pickup 3 photos
Photo: Theophilus Chin
Volvo T60 2-Door PickupVolvo T60 2-Door Pickup
This time, Theophilus Chin started his work with the new S60 Cross Country, a model that made its debut at the Detroit Auto Show. Its sedan body was chopped at the middle, leaving only the front seats and doors intact. The boot and rear passenger area was then replaced with the body of a pickup truck while not detracting from the Swedish design in any way.

Of course, Volvo is unlikely to ever build such a car again. After all, what's the point of buying an all-wheel drive, go-anywhere premium vehicle if snow is going to constantly build up in the back. And it's no like Americans are going to buy this 'T60' in bulk, since something like a Ford F-150 probably towers over it.

In other Volvo news, the Swedes just release a "Vintersaga" the longest commercial in the nation's history. If you're into the "masculine broach" brand, you'll definitely want to check that out, especially since they've announced they aren't going to participate in the super bowl this year.

The funny thing about the Volvo "T60" pickup truck is that such a machine actually exists… sort of. Back in 2013, a 6-wheeled pickup based on the XC60 was spotted. It's not the wet dream of a redneck, but a dedicated camera car built to deliver the good stability and carry extra monitors and processing equipment.

If you guys thing think Volvo should consider making the "T60" a production reality, let us know with a quick comment. Who knows, maybe they're searching online for new ideas and stumble upon these renderings.
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