Volvo Pranks Casino Valet, Giving Him a Huge Truck to Park

Proving once again that The Epic Spits commercial with Van Damme wasn't a one-hit wonder, Volvo Trucks are back with a clip in which they prank an unsuspecting victim, a recently hired valet at a big casino.
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Photo: screenshot from Youtube
Everything you're about to see in this video was specially set up to prank one man into thinking he suddenly needs to become a truck driver. The cars are rented, the rich people and paparazzi are actors… in fact the only person who's legit' here is the valet.

Making things even more amusing, Volvo gave him a Cobra just before the truck, just to let him struggle with the clutch and work up a sweat.

I-Shift Dual Clutch gearbox… for the racing trucker

All these shenanigans have been set in motion just so the Swedish company can deliver one punchline: Under the Hood, It's a Sportscar. The FX truck from Volvo is available with an innovative I-Shift gearbox, designed to make life a lot easier for the drivers by taking care of the shifting for them.

While the Swedes are the first to promote this on such a huge vehicle, we actually have the Germans to thank for these slick gearboxes. You are enjoying your smooth, yet blistering fast, DSG double clutch today thanks to the fact that Porsche worked to develop this for racing applications.

Currently, Renault, Ford, Fiat or Alfa Romeo all offer such a gearbox, but none of this would have happened if the Germans didn't think of making separate clutches for odd and even gears.

Volvo's I-Shift works the same way as DSG or PDK, boasting two separate input shafts. With these dual input shafts, two gears can be selected at the same time, with the active gear being determined by which of the two clutches is engaged.

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