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Volvo XC40 Sends BMW, Jeep, and Defender Vibes, Is a Freemason at Heart

Is it a Jeep? Is It a BMW? Is it a Land Rover Defender? Well, its owner wants it to be some sort of a mutant, but it doesn’t take a genius to tell that it’s nothing more than a Volvo XC40.
Volvo XC40 10 photos
Volvo XC40Volvo XC40Volvo XC40Volvo XC40Volvo XC40Volvo XC40Volvo XC40Volvo XC40Volvo XC40
We’ll just call it the Offender, just like a Redditor did in the infamous ‘bad’ car mods thread where it ended up a few days ago, sparking a few hilarious comments that are definitely worth a read.

But you can do that in a few moments, as first, we have to delve right into the subject, starting with the ‘Defender’ lettering applied to the hood. Then, we have to move to the back end to see that it doesn’t feature any ‘Volvo’ and ‘XC40’ logos anymore, as instead, its owner gave it the ‘BMW’ roundel, positioned in the middle of the tailgate, and the ‘Jeep’ badge below the rear windscreen.

A rainbow-like trim can also be seen on the tailgate, and it is not the only decal, because if you look next to the left taillight, you will see that its owner is familiar with freemasonry. The car doesn’t seem to feature any other controversial mods, though we could be wrong, as we only found these two pictures of it on the quoted website. Thus, if you’re aware of more images, then feel free to share them with us in the comments area down below.

We don’t know why the owner did this to the Swedish premium subcompact crossover, but everything can be removed, and the vehicle will be reverted back to its OEM status in no time. Also, the ‘logo job’ reminds us of those C8 Chevrolet Corvettes that had Prancing Horse badging applied to their front fenders. Now, which one do you think is more controversial, this XC40 or those mid-engined ‘Vettes trying to pass as Ferraris?


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