Volvo House Concept Looks Boxy and Beyond

Like some of you, I've spent one or two nights inside a car over the course of my life. And while the automotive accommodation didn't involve a Volvo wagon, the amount of cabin space offered by these Swedish machines would've been perfect. But what about taking this concept to a whole new level with the help of a rendering?
Volvo House Concept (rendering) 3 photos
Volvo House Concept (rendering)Volvo House Concept (rendering)
Ladies and gentlemen drivers, you are now looking at the Volvo House, a concept created by independent artist Chris Labrooy - the pixel painter decided to cram not, one, but two Volvo 240s into a mountain cabin. And the result clearly belongs in hyper-real land, as is the case with most of the artist's other work (more on this below).

Sure, there might be one of two issues with this form of... parking, but if we keep in mind that art is not supposed to be functional, there's nothing to worry about. Even so, those willing to take this shenanigan seriously should check out this Tesla House concept, which comes from a different artist.

Returning to the artist's portfolio, you should know the aficionado's vision has been put in the service of brands such as Apple, Citroen and Nike. However, his most famous work probably remains linked to Porsche. And, brand image aside, this captures the imagination thanks to its variety.

For one thing, Labrooy recently showcased an ad commissioned by Porsche Middle East. This brings a Camel twist to his "usual" Flamingo 911 approach and makes for delicious eye candy.

Then again, not all of the artist's creations exist in a reality that's far away from our own. In fact, we discussed a 996 Porsche 911 electric conversion he rendered just earlier today.

Sure, 996s being taken down the electrification route are nothing new. But the design of the said concept is something to behold and a piece that appeals to the emotional side, which is why this could help the German automotive producer test gear heads' reactions to such a proposal, even though there's no confirmation of official involvement.


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