Volvo Demonstrates AEB Efficiency on FH 18-Wheeler

Braking on your small family saloon is one thing, as it never weighs more than two tons, even when fully laden. Volvo has recently started fitting their clever autonomous emergency braking (AEB) system to most of their cars as standard, and we should all be thankful for that , as it`s really a nice piece of tech to have on your car.
Still, back to the first part of the paragraph, regarding weight. A fully-laden 18-wheeler can weigh twenty times as much as a fully-laden sedan, reaching around 40 tons. However, Volvo being Volvo, they have fitted the AEB system to their new line of FH trucks as well.

They recently posted a video showing off how the technology can stop a huge and very heavy truck very efficiently, with no input from the driver whatsoever. They took one of their FH trucks, hitched a trailer on the back, and loaded it with ballast, to reach the 40-ton weight.

This time, unlike the S60’s AEB press test, the system does not fail.
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