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Volvo Cars Come with Standard Anti-Hay Fever Pollen Filter

Swedish car manufacturer Volvo recently revealed that customers which suffer from hay fever will be glad to hear they have fitted a pollen filter as standard on all models. The decision came after the Volvo specialists found out that symptoms like sneezing and itchy eyes are likely to affect a motorist's ability to drive safely.

Along with the standard fitment of a pollen filter, Volvo also contributes to hay fever relief with automatic Air Quality System (AQS) and a Clean Zone Interior Package (CZIP). 

“The filters we fit to clean the passenger compartment air also remove the particles that cause allergies. A ride in a car can actually make breathing easier for many sufferers when the problem becomes acute,”
said Andreas Andersson, manager of allergy-optimized car interiors at Volvo Cars.

The researchers at Volvo Cars are now working on the development of filters that can prevent even the tiniest of particles entering the cabin.

“It is the small particles that are the most dangerous. They may not result in immediate symptoms like the larger ones do, which cause allergies to 'blossom'. However, small particles can cause negative health effects in the longer term,”
concluded Andersson.

AQS consists of a filter featuring a particle trap and an active carbon filter, removing particles such as pollen and unpleasant odors from the incoming air. AQS is standard on all V70 and XC70, C70, S80, XC90 models and on SE and SE Lux trim levels in the S60 and XC60. AQS is available as a £100 option on the C30, S40 and V50 and on the S60 and XC60 ES and R-DESIGN versions.

On the other hand, CZIP is an interior interior with materials that avoid collecting dust. CZIP is available as an option on S60, S80, V70, XC70 and XC60 and costs £150 (including VAT).


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