Volvo Boast About Their Seat Belts While Sales Drop

Since profit is the main concern of any business entrepreneur in this world, the moment when sales drop heavily is an alarming point.

We told you a few weeks ago Volvo's 2008 sales are the lowest since 1996 and now it seems the Swedish automaker is struggling really hard to solve this out. So hard, they've started to boast about their extremely safe seatbelts which were invented... about 50 years ago.

As Volvo claims, their 3-point safety belts have saved more than a million lives so far. It's not that you didn't know that wearing a seat belt can help you survive a powerful collision but Volvo wants to be sure you got the idea their belts are the best  on Earth.

"What makes the three-point belt unique is that it improves safety for all types of occupants, in all types of accidents. In both the front and the rear seats. One often talks about the protective effect in head-on collisions, but the belt also helps prevent the car's occupants from being thrown out of the car in a rollover, for instance," says Hans Nyth, head of the Volvo Cars Safety Centre.

The rescuing seat belt was invented by Nils Bohlin in 1959 and ever since it has been continuously improved so that it becomes the safest possible.

As one of Volvo's three press releases on the main topic says, their 3-point safety belts are able to keep the occupant in the seat (both front and rear) if a terrible accident occurs.

"The big problem in many car-intensive countries is that far too many people still choose not to use the safety belt. The belt represents by far the biggest lifesaving potential in modern traffic," adds Hans Nyth.

Although the Swedish car manufacturer can not give you the exact number of the lives saved by their miraculous belt, they're extremely sure there have been a million.

And it could save over a hundred thousand lives a year... on the condition, of course, you buy a Volvo vehicle that comes with the magic belt. Ok guys, if that's all you've got...
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