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Volvo A30G Articulated Dumper Is Awesome, Does Hagwalah

During a construction fair in Germany, a local company demonstrated the full range of capabilities that make their Volvo A30G one of the most awesome machines we've ever seen. You've probably seen the "Van Damme spits" viral video, so the fact that Volvo also makes heavy vehicles should come as no surprise. However, this is a little bit different.
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The A30G is shares its D11L engine with some trucks, but its 6x6 platform is designed to deal with some of the toughest roads on earth and is fully articulated in the middle, giving it the flexibility of an animal.

And flexibility is just what the next video is about. Using an excavator shovel, the bed of the A30G is tipped over, making the whole thing look like one of those hagwalah hooning videos from the Middle East.

Weighing a little over 23 tons, the Volvo vehicle is capable of carrying 28 tons. Its 11-liter engine delivers 360 horsepower from 2,100rpm, with maximum torque of almost 2,000 Nm helping it clim out of any rock quarry.

Volvo made the first dumper in 1966 and is still the market leader. The new G-Series models were launched a year ago and comply with the latest Tier 4 Final emissions regulations. They're fitted with an inline dropbox design for high ground clearance and something called a "retardation system" that controls downhill hauling speeds using wheel brakes and the Volvo engine brake. Basically, it makes life easier for the driver and could also make for an awesome viral video. Who knows, maybe Arnold Schwarzenegger can do some killer pull-ups hanging off the side the Volvo A30G.

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