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Volume Controls Going Crazy on CarPlay, Latest iPhone Update Once Again Under Fire

File this under the “I’ve had enough with iOS 15” category, as the latest major operating system update released by Apple for the iPhone is believed to be the culprit of another frustrating bug.
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This time, users are struggling with the volume controls in their cars, as simply adjusting the sound volume does nothing than to actually increase or decrease the ringer or the alert's audio level.

In other words, even if it looks like you’re controlling the sound on CarPlay, such as when listening to music, what you do is adjust the volume of the notification ringers. So the next time you’re receiving a phone call or a text message, don’t be too surprised if the notification volume is insanely loud.

This is exactly what happened to someone on reddit recently and which appears to be a problem for several other CarPlay users.

Something similar also happened to me this week when using CarPlay. However, I initially thought it was Waze misbehaving once again. In my case, adjusting the volume level didn't work while Spotify was in focus. Still, the moment I switched to the dashboard, everything returned to normal. In addition, the controls on my steering wheel were working properly.

Not a long time, CarPlay users started struggling with the volume controls in their vehicles due to a bug in Waze, but the updates released by the Google-owned company seem to have resolved the whole thing.

On the other hand, several of those who are now hitting this weird audio glitch, myself included, still have Waze installed on their iPhones. So in theory, the latest iOS updates may not be necessarily the culprit this time, as the problems could be caused by an app, such as Waze.

Unfortunately, neither Waze nor Apple said a single thing about these struggles, so we reached out to both to see if there’s any information that could help users deal with the volume control mess that’s now plaguing CarPlay.


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