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Volt e-Bike Blends Retro Looks and Capable Modern Abilities for Nothing More Than $1K

One of the current fastest growing industries is the e-bike industry. With simplicity and ability intertwined, it’s really no wonder more and more people are looking to own an e-bike. There's just one problem, they can be extremely expensive.
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Volt e-BikeVolt e-BikeVolt e-BikeVolt e-BikeVolt e-BikeVolt e-Bike (Action)Volt e-BikeVolt e-Bike
One team that’s looking to break down some of the established norms that exist in the e-bike market is SWFT. Officially launched in early 2020, this team is looking to cash in on the current electric mobility trend. To do that in what may seem like an already saturated market, you’ve got to offer clients an affordable, capable, and fresh vehicle.

Well, one serious candidate that’s sure to give you an idea of how SWFT is playing the mobility game is their Volt e-bike. It is an electric city rider that's got the looks of a sleek and stable single-speed with all the brawn of an electrically assisted experience.

Just to kick things off, the Volt comes in with a price tag of $999 (€854 at current exchange rates). This is a clear sign of two things, that this bike is aimed at as much of a population as possible and an indicator of the sort of building materials used in the construction.

Volt e\-Bike
What sort of material could be used in the construction of a bike as to yield a $1,000 vehicle even with electric components added? Nothing but steel. While some people may frown upon steel, it’s still used in many bikes because of its ability to bend before breaking, unlike aluminum and carbon, which first break on a molecular level before a visible bend is noticed.

One other benefit of steel is its strength. Because of the properties of this material, tubing can be kept slim and to a minimum. That helps give the Volt a retro look and feel accented by a high and flat top tube, slim fork, and huge rear triangle. Everything is then set on a pair of road tires, as this puppy shouldn’t be ridden on anything else.

As for the electrical components of this bike, one of the stand-apart features is the battery and its placement, hidden in the down tube and in line with the sleek look of the rest of the bike. Overall, a 36-volt, 10-amp-hour battery is enough to offer a maximum range of 32 miles (51.5 kilometers). Sure, it may not seem like much, but it is within the range that most people travel daily. Once drained, six hours are needed for a recharge.

Volt e\-Bike
This battery is used to power a 350-watt motor mounted onto the rear hub. As small as it looks, this little powerhouse offers a maximum speed of 19.8 mph (31.8 kph) Sure, you probably won’t be blasting all 32 miles of the bike's range at that speed, but your rides should feel amped up, nonetheless.

With nothing more than one speed, fast, the bike also brings a simplicity that few other bikes on the market are currently offering. This simplicity may also be one of the reasons why this crew crushed a $10 million dollar funding campaign like there’s no tomorrow; people just like simple systems and things.

Features like an LCD display to keep track of your power levels, built-in headlight for night rides, V-brakes to lock up those wheels when you need to, and a flat handlebar for control, and you’re ready to go with a completed Volt e-bike.

Now, there’s a bit of a catch to the Volt’s price. The manufacturer’s website shows the bike priced at an MSRP of $999, but, if you type into Google “best price Volt SWFT e-bike,” your first result should be a sweet deal from Best Buy for $750 (€644 at current exchange rates). I’m not sure what you’ve got to do for that price, maybe it’s a Black Friday sale, wink wink, but hey, it’s a deal to consider if you’re looking for a city-going e-bike with a design that modern riders are searching for.
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