Volkswagen Wants To Hire 1,000 International IT Experts Over The Next Few Years

The Volkswagen Group is not going to let Dieselgate ruin the company, so it continues developing itself in all directions.
Volkswagen's Digital Lab in Berlin 7 photos
Volkswagen's Digital Lab in BerlinVolkswagen's Digital Lab in BerlinVolkswagen's Digital Lab in BerlinVolkswagen's Digital Lab in BerlinVolkswagen's Digital Lab in BerlinVolkswagen's Digital Lab in Berlin
The latest announcement from the German conglomerate involves the plan to hire 1,000 IT experts from all over the world. According to VW’s press release, the new employees will be hired within the next three years, and they will be involved in all kinds of tasks that have the goal of making the company future-proof. Expect to hear more about Volkswagen in fields like big data, virtual reality, connectivity, and artificial intelligence.

The same corporation has unveiled a “Digital Lab” in Berlin earlier this year, and it was opened up to operate just like a start-up company. The said laboratory hired young IT experts to come up with fresh ideas to apply in the digitized world we are currently enjoying, but also to have them prepare something for the next few years.

Volkswagen’s future employees will be placed in offices in Berlin, Munich, and Wolfsburg. Each of the three centers will have an “IT Lab,” which will probably be organized differently from the rest of the company. Thanks to the different approach to the new hires, VW hopes to develop new ideas for ride sharing, mobility services, virtual reality, and connectivity.

Expect the Volkswagen models of the future to come with “Internet of Things” features, which should make the lives of owners merrier. Volkswagen has not disclosed a specific project that is planned for its IT experts, which leads us to believe that they will be hired according to their experience in individual domains, and then let loose to develop new things using the knowledge they previously acquired.

Volkswagen’s latest plans that involve IT, along with its openness to new ideas, reveal that the company has realized the size of the mistake it made with the entire cheating scheme, and that the VW Group is oriented towards the future.

Let’s hope that their new plans will motivate Volkswagen’s competitors as well, which should bring better cars for all consumers in the future.

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