Volkswagen Wants R Versions of Tiguan, Touareg and Arteon to Battle AMG

Yes, you read that right. Volkswagen wants a piece of AMG. It sounds crazy, but with former Ford motorsports boss Jost Capito working for them, it just might happen.
Volkswagen Wants R Versions of Tiguan, Touareg and Arteon to Battle AMG 3 photos
Arteon R RenderingArteon R Rendering
Capito's arrival could be linked to the 2.5-engined Tiguan R we just discovered. The performance SUV looked on track to debut with a 2.0 TSI pushing around the same 300 HP as the Golf R and the Ateca Cupra. But now, a five-cylinder version seems to be under development, and it makes a lot more sense.

You see, the GLA 45 is still one of the fastest small crossovers you can buy, but in some drag races, the much older RS Q3 seems to outgun it. And that's with the old version of the TFSI powerhouse.

A recent report from Car and Driver magazine talks about a "reborn" Volkswagen performance division, one that wants to recapture the spirit of the Golf R32 and the V10 TDI-powered Touareg. Not only that, but they plan to make more drastic body modifications than the usual bumper revisions.

C&D insists that the T-Roc R is next in line, possibly followed by a Touareg R. What kind of engine will that use? Hopefully, something that's as cool as the twin-turbo in the RS5 or the 4.0 TDI diesel used by the SQ7. The only problem is that Volkswagen never helped developed those.

The Arteon R is also mentioned here for the first time. We know that a V6 version of the stylish four-door coupe is being prepared, but that's likely got a naturally-aspirated mill like the one in the Atlas or the Passat GT. A turbocharged six-cylinder unit of smaller displacement is being suggested for performance model. However, we don't think anybody would say "no" to an Arteon with the 400 HP 2.5 TFSI either.

VW’s chairman Herbert Diess has asked engineers to make a working prototype of the T-Roc R first. Unfortunately, we know that's never going to be sold in the United States.


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