Volkswagen Wants Its Own Dacia!

Renault hit it big with Dacia, a brand in its own right, now, as with most good ideas, others will try to replicate and reap some of the laurels. Volkswagen has decided to counteract dropping European sales with a new budget brand, which would use old parts which have already proven themselves.
VW 1 photo
This is the exact philosophy that Renault used when ‘creating’ Dacia. The yet-unnamed brand will be the 13th owned by the VW group, and it will sell cars which will compete with the mighty Logan on both price, as well as quality and technology, an area where the VW may have an advantage.

However, as with Dacia, the new budget VWs will have the bare minimum of safety features, including at least two airbags, ABS and optional ESP, as well as emissions-cutting gadgets, like a particulate filter for diesel engines and possibly start-stop as an option. All engines fitted to these new cars will be Euro6-compliant.

The plan is to make three cars, and namely a saloon, an estate and an MPV, as well as a possible cheaper version of the Up! city car, though we don’t really know how it could be made any cheaper, while keeping it appealing? A decision on the matter will be taken soon, and the €6000 to €8000 cars won’t make it to market until 2014, even if they get the green light tomorrow. It is nice, however, that VW will finally be making cars for the people!

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