Volkswagen Uses Interactive Bus Back Ads to Show Motorists How their ACC Works

Volkswagen Uses Interactive Bus Back Ads to Show Motorists How their ACC Works 1 photo
Most of us, car people, have heard about Adaptive Cruise Control technologies, but Volkswagen figured the best way to have a potential driver understand an auto feature like that is showing motorists how it functions. It might look a little silly, but their idea of installing a customized bus back that tells people driving behind how close they are is original.
The marketing gig went on for a couple of days in Sao Paulo, Brazil recently and was integrated by advertising agency AlmapBBDO. All buses used had Volkswagen dealers on their routes and the Germans claim more than 20,000 people were impacted per day. Besides telling the precise distance, a warning would appear cautioning drivers on a risk of collision when their vehicles came into proximity to the back of these buses.

In case you don’t know what Volkswagen’s ACC is all about, we’ll take a second to tell you. Working together with the radar-controlled Front Assist traffic monitoring system, the amenity is a safety feature that will keep your car in a comfort zone in matters of distance and speed. The owner of the car pre-sets the speed range they want the Adaptive Cruise Control to brake and accelerate the car within.

The safe distance technology builds on the familiar cruise control system by adding a radar sensor. It immediately detects traffic slowing ahead and automatically reduces your speed to match. In the case it’s needed, alarming the driver is done in two phases. First, with visual and acoustic signals, and then with a short braking jolt. Of course, if it’s necessary, the system will bring the car to a complete stop.


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