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Volkswagen Updates Charging Infrastructure and Software for ID.4 and Other Upcoming EVs

There's no question that the future of mobility will be highly electrified. With that in mind, Volkswagen has worked hard to bring the ID.4 to market. Now, it's getting a big update that should make it considerably more usable.
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The update will mostly apply to Europe but it offers a lot of hope for American customers. What Volkswagen is doing is updating the ID.4's software to improve recharging. That will be music to many people's ears.

The ID.4 and the charging network it uses here in the USA is notorious for its inability to be smooth and easy. Jason Fenske from Engineering Explained broke down many of the issues in a video released in March of 2021.

First, the system isn't plug-and-play. Chargers only work with a specific application that must be downloaded and paired to the vehicle. Even after drivers get that figured out, a number have reported chargers that simply don't work for one reason or another.

Then there's the navigation system that Fenske also mentioned. Volkswagen had the system set up to automatically plan for charging stops along routes that would require it.

Despite that, the navigation system wouldn't intelligently choose where to stop. So it regularly chooses chargers that are as slow as 7 kWh.

With the new update, Volkswagen says that some of those issues might be fixed. "The Online Route Calculation function in the navigation system performs intelligent multi-stop route planning for long journeys so that the vehicle can reach the destination as quickly as possible."

In addition, the experience at the charging station should improve too. "In 2022, Volkswagen’s ID. models will already be provided with a new function that will replace the current charging card authentication process to make charging at fast charging stations even simpler."

Again, these changes are specific to the European market but we expect Volkswagen to add similar upgrades to US cars and systems. That would be great considering that the Electrify America charging network is one that Volkwagen was heavily involved with during the planning stage.

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