Volkswagen Up! GTI Rendered as a 5-Door, Plus Some Worthersee Videos

Volkswagen Up! GTI Rendered as a 5-Door, Plus Sone Worthersee Videos 1 photo
Photo: X-Tomi Design
Volkswagen keeps telling us that the Golf GTI is over 40 years old, but we forget what that means. The early models didn't have a big trunk, electric windows or adaptive cruise... anything. In fact, you would consider yourself lucky if the brakes stopped the car when you needed it to.
So the fact that the Up! GTI, which is a spiritual successor, only comes as a 3-door shouldn't bother us. But it does. Thankfully, there are renderings out there, and X-Tomi took it upon himself to cater to passengers in the back.

Skoda just said that it doesn't want another Citigo. So can there be another Up! without their backing? There might, especially since Latin America loves it so much. In fact, while the GTI model won't be offered, the next best thing has become available. It's called the Pepper Up! TSI and it comes with the same red stripe and front bumper design. Check it out in the photo gallery, because we're not going to write a story specifically for it.

While the European hot hatchling gets its 1-liter engine to produce 115 hp and 230 Newton-meters (170 pound-feet), people in Brazil are stuck with the same 101 PS and 165 Nm the had before. But that's still plenty of poke for such a little car.

On paper at least, it's not a performance car, as it will take you 8.8 seconds to make the standard sprint. But anybody can press the gas in a DSG-equipped Golf R and hit the speed of light, whereas the Up! is all about the lost art of enjoying yourself.

In case the official photos weren't enough for you, we have some fresh videos shot by Volkswagen themselves at the Worthersee GTI meet about a week ago. It's obvious that this project didn't get the kind of financing as the Civic Type R that sets Nurburgring records, but at least the steering wheel is a nice shape, and they've included tartan seats.

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