Volkswagen Unveils High-Performance 1-Liter TSI with 272 HP and E-Booster

As well as showing the brand new W12 TSI 6-liter monster, Volkswagen also presented a very power-dense little engine at the Vienna Motor Symposium this month. It's a 1-liter TSI that adopts the e-turbo setup and delivers 272 PS, the same as an average 3.0 TDI.
Volkswagen Unveils High-Performance 1-Liter TSI with 272 HP and E-Booster 1 photo
Photo: Volkswagen
The block of the 1-liter 3-cylinder turbo engine belongs to the EA211 family, so it's the same as the one you get on the Polo facelift and the new SEAT Ibiza that was revealed last year. However, they infused it with the “genes of the Polo WRC's rally engine”.

We have no idea what that means, exactly, but the little mill breathes fire. 272 PS and 270 Nm (199 lb-ft) of torque are delivered, about three times more than a standard mill of this size.

What will Volkswagen use this engine for? Nothing, or something rare. For example, they could use it to make a technology demonstrator, like the XL1, but we don't expect the Golf GTI to suddenly half its displacement.

Just like the new diesel engines that Audi plans to launch, this 1-liter uses an e-booster that spins up using electricity instead of exhaust gasses. This can be used to generate boost much faster and from lower down in the rev range, while the conventional turbocharger can be increased in size and takes care of making high-rpm increases in output.

Dr. Heinz-Jakob Neußer, member of the board and Volkswagen Group head of powertrain development, commented that the high-performance engine is “a nice example of just how much potential combustion engines still have in them”.

Whether that potential will be used in a car regular customers can buy remains to be seen.
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