Volkswagen to Launch Brand New Urban Coupe Car Developed in Brazil

A brand new Volkswagen car is scheduled to enter the German's lineup in 2020, aiming once again at the urban buyers in need of a stylish car. The still-unnamed model will be developed in Brazil, the carmaker’s local branch being for the first time tasked with such a significant undertaking.
Volkswagen New Urban Coupe 1 photo
No details about the new vehicle were released, apart from the fact that it will be built on VAG’s MQB platform. This is the platform that underpins models across the group’s brands, and ranging in car types from the Audi A1 to the Volkswagen Touran MPV.

The car will be entirely developed in Brazil and shown for the first time in spring 2020. One year later, Volkswagen’s facilities in Europe will start making it as well, marking the first time a car created in South America by VW will be sold internationally.

“For the first time in our history we will be offering our very own vehicle concept on the international market, and sharing design, technology and know-how from Brazil with the world,” said in a statement Pablo Di Si, Volkswagen South America CEO.

To mark the announcement, Volkswagen also released a teaser image of the crossover-like car, captioned New Urban Coupé.

In the near future, Brazil is poised to become of extreme importance for the German brand. By the end of next year the Germans plan to invest around €1.5 billion in the country, greatly expanding the scope of local operations.

VW considers Brazil, the largest country in South America, with a population of over 200 million people, essential for the region.

Presently, Volkswagen sells 14 cars in the country, including nameplates unheard of in other markets like Gol, Voyage, Virtus or Saveiro.

The main production hub for the new car will be the plant in Anchieta (another three facilities are up and running across the country).

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