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Volkswagen Teases Clever LED Matrix Headlights for the Upcoming Amarok

The second-generation Volkswagen Amarok is nearing its debut on July 7, and the German carmaker wants to keep the news flow pumping with a new teaser. This time, we learn more about the truck’s LED matrix headlights named IQ.Light in their cleverest form.
Volkswagen teases clever LED Matrix headlights for the upcoming Amarok 11 photos
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Teaser images were supposed to keep interest high in anticipation of a new model launch. But once they discovered it works, carmakers have started to abuse this marketing tool. At least, this is what I feel seeing the sixth teaser of the upcoming Amarok and Volkswagen promise to present “many highlights of the new Amarok in the coming weeks.”

The previous teasers were all design sketches, but now Volkswagen has started to spill the tech beans. The first glimpse we are allowed to take is into its new IQ.Light headlights technology. We know that the Amarok will not be a workhorse in the same way its brother Ford Ranger is, so expect a lot of premium features intended to make the new Amarok the leader of the pack. The headlights will properly reflect this positioning, with LED technology across the lineup and the cleverer IQ.Light on the upper trims.

Choosing the headlights for the first technological teaser is not accidental, as you’d expect. Modern LED tech has come to represent an essential part of a car’s image, thanks to its light signature. For the upcoming Amarok, the IQ.Light matrix LED headlights represent the pinnacle of this technology.

Features of the new headlights include automatically dipping full beam whenever there is oncoming traffic, street lighting, or traffic lights. Being a LED matrix, this works by shutting down specific parts of the matrix to keep the oncoming vehicles in the dark spot. The headlights also come with static cornering lights.

Volkswagen has confirmed that Amarok's engine range will comprise one gasoline and up to four diesel engines, although this depends on the market. The first generation dropped the four-pot 2.0-liter diesels in most markets toward the end of its career and focused on the higher trims powered by V6 3-0 liter oil burners. This reflected a lack of interest from fleet buyers and partly explains why the next Amarok is still marketed as a premium model.

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