Volkswagen Sausages Outsold Their Cars Once Again in 2014!

Volkswagen Sausages Outsold Their Cars Once Again in 2014! 1 photo
2014 was a record year for the Volkswagen brand, which managed to sell a highest number of cars ever. From January to December, approximately 6.12 million automobiles were sold to customers across the world. However, 2014 was also a record year for sausage production, which outstripped the popular Polos and Golfs.
That's right, Volkswagen has been making sausages under its own brand name for quite a while now and it seems they may be delicious. Sausage production increased by 10% compared to 2013, reaching 7.8 million units, 1.7 million more more than the cars. That's about as much as Skoda's total 2014 sales.

The VW sausage is available in 12.5 and 25 centimeter (5 and 10-inch) sizes. They even have their own part number and the most popular version is the currywurst, accounting for 6.4 million sales alone.

As if making sausages wasn't enough, Volkswagen also makes ketchup, which it packages together with three wursts and gifts to customers. Ketchup production also reached record levels of 536,826 kilograms. Yes, that's over 500 tons, which would be the weight of 240 Touareg SUVs or 560 Up! city cars. We have no exact numbers at this moment, but we're pretty sure VW Ketchup outsold the XL1 in terms of… weight.

Since we don't have anything else to tell you about VW's record-setting sausages, we thought you might want to know that in 2006 Renault crash-tested a sausage. It was all part of the Bastille Day celebration that year and the ad saw various foods being smashed against a wall. There was a sausage from Germany, sushi from Japan and a giat Swedish crisp bread.

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