Volkswagen Dieselgate Could Be Leonardo DiCaprio’s Next Movie

How can you produce a movie about an ongoing story, you ask? Well, you don’t. Or you do and wait for the grand finale. Perhaps Leonardo DiCaprio has some secret way we haven’t heard of, after all he’s the movie guru, while we’re mainly dealing all things car related here. Still, you can’t ignore the news that the aspiring-Oscar winner wants to make a movie out of Volkswagen’s diesel emissions cheat scandal, can you?
Leonardo DiCaprio speaking during the opening ceremony of the Climate Summit at the UN headquarters in New York 1 photo
Believe it or not, that seems to be the case. According to Entertainment Weekly, Paramount Pictures and Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company, Appian Way, have purchased a book proposal that is talking about the oh-so-controversial "dieselgate." The author is Jack Ewing, a European economics correspondent who has been covering the scandal for the New York Times from the very beginning, back in September.

Again, what surprises us - besides DiCaprio producing a movie about what could turn out to be the biggest scandal in the automotive world -, is that the multi-billion dollar Cleandiesel scandal is still a long way from being over. We have said it on numerous occasions, Volkswagen’s emission cheat will not just change the company’s path in the US and, eventually, in the world, but it will, most likely, change the way we will buy cars.

Heck, some people in the biz even claim the scandal is the beginning of what could turn out as the death of diesel. A lot of carmakers may prove to have similar problems, emission testings could become a lot more severe as the governmental tests will probably become mandatory worldwide. We haven’t yet mentioned the German automaker’s 2016 plan to get even with both the customers whose trust they cheated and the governments who are now asking for reparation.

Nevertheless, it appears that Ewing has already sold his forthcoming book to Norton Publishing this month, so things clearly are happening. According to the source, the story will center on the illegal software VW placed in its cars to cheat the stringent EPA emissions standards and the corporate culture at the company that led to these actions.

Why Leonardo DiCaprio? Perhaps because he is an avid environmentalist, who has officially declared war against pollution and climate change, not to mention he is investing millions of dollars into the cause every year.


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